40 Facts About Girls Every Guy Should Know

by Awuah Gideon

Though sometimes, girls are a little complicated, that might not be the case. No, they aren’t simple creatures, and periodically when they say they’re fine, they aren’t. But, there are some facts about girls boys don’t recognize when it comes to their girl’s counterparts.

However, below are 40 certainties about girls that boys need to understand when it comes to girls’ concerns.

Read Facts About Guys Every Girl Should Know.

  1. Girls love to feel outstanding, even though they might not show it.
  2. Girls love it when gentlemen say their name.
  3. Girls disgust guys who smell bad.
  4. Girls like guys with a sense of humor. That is a guy who makes them laugh invariably.
  5. A girl gets annoyed with a guy who pushes himself so hard to get her.
  6. A girl can easily forgive you if you are sincere with your apology.
  7. It’s hard for a girl to recover from her past relationship.
  8. Girls love surprises.
  9. Girls love gentlemen.
  10. You should let her cool first before you say sorry. Otherwise, she won’t accept your apology.
  11. Girls like smart guys.
  12. Girls have unusual moods.
  13. Girls usually compete unconsciously among themselves, mainly when it comes to beauty.
  14. Girls hate guys who hurt them physically.
  15. Be careful: a girl knows how to convince you to do her favor through her allure or seductive body language without your suspicion.
  16. Girls hate guys who gossip.
  17. A girl’s decision is always changeable.
  18. Girls love to chat about anything.
  19. Girls disdain guys who often brag about themselves.
  20. Girls love guys who know how to dance.
  21. Girls love it when a gentleman pulls them close by the waist.
  22. Girls usually daydream about their crushes. Instances like going on a date, kissing, getting married, etc
  23. They hate it when guys don’t keep their promise.
  24. Girls like guys who can be confident in themselves and know what they want.
  25. If a girl is flirting or talking to everyone except you, it means she likes you.
  26. Girls get jealous very quickly.
  27. Every girl desires a pure and ethical guy, so be real.
  28. Never say you love a girl, unless you mean it.
  29. Girls hate it when a guy beats around the bush. If you have something to let out, confess, and be free.
  30. When a girl is angry at something other than you, hug them and heed to her.
  31. Girls hunger for a guy who can be their shoulder to cry.
  32. When a girl loves you, she can’t let go.
  33. Girls want to talk to guys on the phone; they like when a guy calls and says cute things like, you’re beautiful or want to know how your day was. They want to hear your voice.
  34. Tell her you like her, don’t make her all crazy about it, be sincere and free.
  35. Girls usually build up walls around themselves to see which boy is brave enough to soar over it.
  36. Girls generally end up falling for their best guy friend.
  37. Don’t cheat on a girl; it hurts nastier than a breakup.
  38. They also like acknowledgment. Girls love it when a guy notices the little things they do for them.
  39. Girls precisely want a guy that protects them, loves them, makes them comfortable, and be that best partner to them.
  40. Girls like it when a guy gives them his jacket.

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